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Updating pictures with an antsy 10yr old

Oye... the dreaded picture day. It was time to update family pics with macho man and I . Last time we did pictures was 5 years ago and since then life has been to crazy to make the time, find a great person, although I have 4 to choose from, I went with Shelbelle Lapidus with Belle Fotos this year! Taking a hiatus from the world did not help either. (more on that late)

Keeping a child with "antsyitous" is not a simple feat on picture day, let alone any other time. For me, the best is to get a photographer that is great with kids or better yet, call a friend that does this for a living, who has intimate knowledge with your family. My son is 10, a decade...where has the time gone?

Keep the session short no more than 30 mins and bring a snacks if need be. Just let them roam and be free!


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