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The HOPEFUL ticket!

November 7th 2020...A Day to Remember!

Saturday afternoon was a day to remember! Alex and I were waiting anxiously for the states final votes to be called. Are we blue or red....anticipation as we listen to the background news and jerk our heads to hear the latest update! And then it happened, Pennsylvania was called, its BLUE ! Alex leaped into the air and cried out YES! Ima YES...we are blue! For me its was more than just going Blue. This election is a turning pint in history, when a woman, a Black, Eastern-India woman has been elected to the White House. Madame Vice President, you are a remarkable woman, who has paved the way even more of all back girls, and women of color to set their sites higher, achieve your goals and know that nothing can stand in our way. You know that on that day, I'd be watching you with my multi-racial son; sharing this momentous day in history with him. We will and shall overcome.

This ticket has given us HOPE that anything with hard work can be achieved! Thank you Mr President and Madame Vice President. We have broken the glass ceiling!

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