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Thankful for what?

Well to say the least, 2020 has been a crazy unpredictable time in everyone's life. We can all take this year and look at it unfavorably or look at the lessons and time we have been given. The end of 2019 and 2020 have given me pause to look at many positive things, yet I am unable to narrow it down to just one thing.

When you are is at your lowest, you find out what relationships are real and those that are surface. Ive had friends get sick with COVID, loose their jobs, got to prison and get divorced. However in my experience, I know what friendship are real, those who stuck by me and those new relationship that despite my situation, held my hand and road the rough road with me.

The second positive thing for me, is getting back to motherhood in its rawest form. COVID allowed me to SLOW down and take the time with be a mom again without the worry of meeting company deadlines, meetings and having to be a work for hours and missing the keys moments in mothering. Waking up to my sons smiling face and elbow in my back brought happiness to my heart.

Thirdly, having the quiet moments from the pandemic. The shut down enabled me to get back to self. I was able to read, write, photograph, hike and decide which direction I wanted to go. Mindfulness if a wonderful practice to help realign your "now" moment.

Fourth was finding my "tribe" again! Ladies find your tribe of women who support, check and love you through and through! They are an essential part of your sanity, mothering and self love!

Finally, I was able to get back in to the kitchen and blog. I love cooking and sharing my experience of my mother journey. I love to cook and cook for people! I enjoy experimenting with new recipes. Cooking with Alex is also a joy. I want my son to be prepared for life, college and becoming self sufficient as he grows into a young man.

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