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Surviving 2020 to Thriving in 2021

Mental Health Guide " Because sometimes you just need ideas"

2020 for most has been a year of challenges and not just in being a mom. Then the pandemic hit and the world shut down, kids inside, and your significant other (S.O.) is always in your face. Not that its bad, but the break moms get when the kids are at school, and the S.O. is a work gives her time to refuel, align your day and do you. Well by the 18th of November, we are tired of the same routine. I am feeling stuck in a routine that is not beneficial to me, my child or the community of the corona bubble around me.

I was talking to a girlfriend about the challenges this year and how our personal and professional lives took a detour. We had to rethink our interactions with the women, the project and brought it to virtual platform without adding more "screen time" to our lives and theirs. Keeping in mind self care and daily stress we all share, we came up with a list of things to do everyday, every week and monthly that I know would help me and other women.

Here is what we came up with:

Every Day

Move your body (15-30 mins)

Take a screen time break (all screens: tv, phone, computer, iPad)

Write down three things you’re thankful for today

Try to sleep 6-7 hours nightly

Write down daily to-do-list

Stay hydrated

Make up your bed

Every Week

Plan an outdoor activity

Set a weekly goal to accomplish by the end of the week.

Call a friend or family you have not spoken to in a while

Practice self compassion and forgive yourself for any wrongs

Ask for help

De-clutter/Clean your living space

Have a dance party ( let one is watching) well maybe the kids, so invite them too!

Every Month

Finish a book

Make a vision board for the month

Deep clean living space

Social media perk up: Follow 3 accounts that ADD VALUE to you, delete 3 that don't add value anymore

set one day aside for something you absolutely love

Do you own a smart phone, tablet or computer? Here are some free apps to help calm and soothe you.

  1. Headspace: a free app to help you meditate

  2. Meetup: a free app to find activities (free and low cost) that are happening in your neighborhood. Activities: sports and fitness, outdoors and adventures, learning new skills, career development, dance, photography, fashion and beauty, beliefs, arts and so much more.

  3. BreathetoRelax: a free app that helps you breathe and remind yourself you will be okay

  4. Happify: a free app to help you overcome negative thoughts through various games and gratitude prompts

  5. MindShift- a free app to help calm anxiety

  6. Quit That!: a free app to help you track and beat your bad habits or addictions

  7. What’s Up: a free app that helps you cope with you cope with depression, anxiety, stress, and more.

II. Label every day a day of your liking. On this day every week do an activity

  1. Examples: music Monday (take time to listen to your favorite playlist), workout Wednesday (do a workout/physical activity that you love), fast fact Fridays (take time to scan newspapers, on-line articles or the news for fast facts you did not know, hear them and research them).

III. Find your tribe.

  1. Venture out to find community. It can be old friends, family, church or religious groups or book clubs. Your pick. Once your community is found, make it a habit to check in weekly or monthly, setting a specific time and date.

IV. The Arts

  1. Adult coloring books: major retail stores sale them and there are apps that carter to adult coloring. Amazon has some great books!

  2. Pigment

  3. Colour therapy

  4. Colorfly

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