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Stay Focused

I hope this letter finds you in perfect peace. I want to remind each one of you to STAY FOCUSED. Life is full of distractions that will veer you off your dreams, your desires, your goals, your mission, or your vision. In order for you to stay focused you must have self-discipline.

This might be a major challenge for you, and you are asking yourself the question on how do I “stay focused”? Well, you stay focused by staying ahead of the task and implementing basic organizational skills such as creating a to do list, finding a quiet space so you can concentrate on your assignment(s), or as simple as turning off all electronics; basically eliminating ALL distractions as well as removing things that are not relevant to your goal. Set up reminders that will keep you on track regarding your vision. In addition, learn how to create a positive space of energy that surrounds you regarding your mindset.

Personally, I have different ways that I stay focused on multiple projects. But there are a few things that I do regardless that will help you, which are the following:

1. Execute a to do list include deliverable dates

2. Embrace keeping a current daily calendar

3. Excel in holding your

self accountable for your work

Now, I always hold myself accountable for the time that I need to invest in my projects. Please understand that sometimes life happens (those distractions) and I tend to veer off course, but due to me exercising self-discipline I make myself accountable. I go back to my basics and execute my #1 which is my to do list.

So, remember life has se

veral distractions and sometimes you could be your biggest distraction on why you have not executed a task or excelled to the next level regarding your vision. So, tell yourself no more excuses (distractions), the time is now, so get to it.

Please feel free to forward and share.

Always Love,

Chastity Sonier

CEO of Motherhood

“Sometimes you have to be RAW with yourself in order to ignite your passion.” – CCOBS


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