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Hello To My Awesome Mothers,

Now, this topic is one of my favorites to discuss because I merge accountability with self-reflection. With majority of everything in life self-reflection is a learned behavior. If you have not figured that out by now…well I am going to let you in on a little secret. Most of life experiences that has to deal with “self” relates to an investment of your time which is called “self”-growth, or some might say “self”-development.

I conduct a self-reflection check almost every other day of my life regardless if it is personal and professional. So how do you self-reflect? You have to be real with yourself regarding your struggles, your decision-making, or your behaviors. This journey is an everyday pursuit that you have to be accountable to yourself. The beauty of accountability to others is knowing and understanding how to be accountable for one’s self. I check myself daily. See…this could be challenging for some individuals, but when you are dealing with self you have to be aware that there are some premediated things…premediated people that are setting things up for you to fail. These self-reflections have levels or tiers that you have to be willing to work through until there is a breakthrough. So, how does one go about doing this? I am glad you ask.

1. Be real with yourself, which equates to being honest.

2. Understand and embrace YOUR belief system and core values AND not others.

3. Journaling…write it down and make it plain.

4. Identify what is important in YOUR life?

One thing I would like to share is that when you are working on your self-reflections you do not have to validate to others that you are working on your growth. Your growth path of life is your personal relationship with yourself. Sometimes when you include others in your personal development plan then your focus tends to shift based on their opinions on how you should grow. One thing I have learned in my self-development is that a “wise man said nothing.” Trust me people see your changed behavior…now it does not mean that they agree or disagree of your behavior change but based on your action’s individuals are aware that your behavior patterns are not the same. I would also like to point out that it is totally different if an individual is needing to seek coaching or a therapist to discuss, listen, and assist them on the blueprint for their life. I would encourage a person who needs a life coach or therapist structure to invest in these services.

For me self-reflection is being true to thy on heart. So, can you truly say to yourself in the mirror that you are true to thy own heart? If so, GREAT! Continue to be self-discipline in your truth of life. If not, then that is OK as well…we just have some work to do in order to get you there. YES, it does take work and time, which is call ACCOUNTIABILITY to yourself. You have to be committed to your self-development first. If you start implementing the four tools that I presented in this article, then you are headed on the right path.

Please feel free to forward and share.

Always Love,

Chastity Sonier

CEO of Motherhood

“Sometimes you have to be RAW with yourself in order to ignite your passion.” – CCOBS


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