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Land of Milk and Honey

Going on a women's trip was the farthest thing from my mind, yet somehow G-d knew I needed the reconnection and the time to reconnect with me and I was as a Jewish woman, daughter and most important...a mom. So I applied to the JWRP formally Jewish Womens Renaissance Project, now called Momentum. It includes a profound, personal 8-day experience in Israel, during which women explore the Jewish homeland, take in inspiring Jewish wisdom, and join a global Jewish sisterhood. Back home, women channel their energy and passion personally, professionally, and communally, and continue their journey through educational and leadership programs.

On the trip you have the opportunity to meet marvelous women in your community and also get paired with other cities where more connections take form. On our bus we had ladies from South Florida and Israel. The middle picture is our group and we where in the old city. this trip signified a change me self, one that was needed I had just went through a divorce. these women helped me connect to self and to Israel.

If you have the chance to sign up with this group and go to Israel, when COVID is so! Its a trip of a life time.

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