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Israel, our 1st Trip

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

Off to the Kotel

At the age of 4 our little travel when to Israel for his cousin's Bat Mitzvah. As a family, Alex, me, my step-father, 2 weeks before the celebration to explore and immerse ourselves in the country, the culture and all things Israel. We chose Aeroflat (a Russian airline) for get the $800 ticket. We flew through Moscow via New York to Israel. NEVER AGAIN. Alex had a blast hangin out with our Rabbi's son Gaveriel and his sister Yocheved. They sang, davened and he hung out with he other Jewish kids on the way to milk and honey! oNce we landed, our driver took us to the Jerusalem where our AirBNB awaited us. We were whisked away to Keron HaYesod, a 10 minute walk to the Kotel and Mamilla Mall. We had a full scheduled planned, Cesaeria, Zfat(Safed), Masada, Akko, Tel Aviv, Ein Zivan Chocolate Factory, Geula and Me'a She'arim; then I had a solo trip and went out on my own to Bethlehem, Milk Grotto, Mar Saba Monastery and Ben Yehuda Rave pn the eve of Shabbat with 2k of your closet friends.

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