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Lamb Fat or PHAT?

Tonight is the 4th night of Chanukah and some friends of mine sent me a picture of their latkes fried in Lamb Fat. As she put it, its like the "When Harry met Sally at Katz Deli" scene of flavors that orgasmically explode on your taste buds. Well I have yet to try, but I have 4 more nights to get it together.

When I look at fats in its solid and liquified form, I look at how the chemical changes of what happens when heat is applied and the world today, in my world view. Lamb fat is clean and pure like many of my close friendships in my journey of single motherhood. When friendship are stored at room temperature they remain solid and have a shelf-life for extended periods of time. When heat is applied, it melts, is formless, with bits of solid fat straggling behind.

This year has been that way for me, solid, formless and rich with flavor. Amid all the challenges, familial and friendship separations due to COVID and other circumstances, I blessed to relish in the rich flavors of my friendships, my family and self. Self-awareness is key in creating the smooth texture and all of the nuances it brings. Feed your soul with positive people, and feed them. This exchange of positive energy brings light and happiness to both; it centers you and them.

J & M (married friends), I met while in Israel on the then JWRP MOMentum Trip, well M. J is the hubby, he went on the mens trip! They are the example of the Fat you want in your life. Rich in flavor, love and unwavering / unconditional goo that you can't seem to remove or get rid of; even with goo off! We talk, laugh and cry, both together and separate, they are the FAT in my life. I am truly grateful for that day in Israel when M leaned over to look at what I was laughing at, as I sent a text message to my then boyfriend, half a world away. We clicked and that was that! M, J and I are family in faith, parenthood, sisterhood and I am very happy to be sharing Chanukah this year in freedom.

I light an extra tea light for all those in world who have lost someone due to COVID or natural causes. We all need that extra light at this time of year, as we close 2020 and bring in 2021.

Happy Chanukah!

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