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HANUKKAH Decorating

Chances are, you’re spending a lot more time at home this year than usual. And while the reasons for are obvious, it doesn’t mean some of the outcomes can’t be – in 2020 more people than ever seem to be decorating for the holidays. My friend just recently put up her Christmas Tree, so 37 days prior to her holiday. And there’s no reason that can’t include Hanukkah – in fact, I feel feel strongly that it should! We know Hanukkah’s not traditionally a big decorating holiday, but there’s nothing like some joyous reminders of the upcoming Festival of Lights to inject some cheer into your living space – something just about all of us could use right now. I found this great shop on Instagram Love Peace Light Shop that have some great decorating items.

And you think Hanukkah decor’s just for kids, think again: these days, there are so many beautiful, sophisticated, not-at-all -cheesy pieces to choose from, whether your preferred style skews contemporary, rustic, vintage, or boho. Stop by her store and take a look around you'll fall in love with her items!

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