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Getting Back to Self

Motherhood is a journey with no time off. Its a 24 hour gig with intrinsic rewards, but hardly time for you. For me, the essence of motherhood is also self. Taking time away or being alone to recenter is most important. With this, you can be present for your child, family, community and work. Being with friends, in nature or even sitting in your favorite place, doing your favorite thing, is self care and truly vital.This weekend I did just that. I spent time with my home girl Zanetta and her wife. Zanetta and I have been friends for 30+ years. Reminiscing about the old days brought joy to my heart and rejuvenated my soul. We went for mani/pedi, lunch at my favorite arepa place (Arepa Grill), shopped at Lenox, drank, cooked and chilled in the country.

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