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Pandemic Wellness & Boys

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Keeping your energy up!

Every family is unique in its own ways, and parents are navigating the pandemic the best way they know how. Co-parenting parents and single parents who are experiencing their own set of distinctive challenges during the pandemic and provide resources to ease the burdens they may be experiencing. these past 6 months have been most taxing for me and my son. By managing my sons’ virtual school learning, my own deadlines, ordering groceries, figuring out dinner, and doing all this without any breaks, I often became snappy. “I raised my voice more regularly than I ever had before.

Many people are facing a situation they never imagined. Wearing masks, social distancing, facing financial instability, being stuck at home for months: It’s hard to be your best self. Parents are stressed to the max and there’s no end in sight. That resilience many had in March and April has transformed into fatigue and frustration. With this frustration, it becomes difficult to control emotions. Although those outbursts might feel okay at the moment, habitually blowing off steam in front of your child can cause problems, experts say.

So what do I do, we hit the belt line and I take a break from all the deadlines, phone calls and texts and focus on us, just my son and I. Talk about this issues in our new world, enjoy a King of Pop popsicle, and soak in the sun. When we get home, we still don't pick up the outside communication. We check out from the world, watch a movie, cook dinner and cuddle til my sweet 10 year old falls asleep in my arms.

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