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Batu Caves, Malaysia Bound

In December of 2013, we traveled to Malaysia from from the Philippines. OMG the cheapest flight for $110 USD to fly in Southeast Asia. Alex was so excited to see Asia's Twin towers, experience the crazy monkey's and climb the stairs into the caves. HE was a rock star racing up the stairs. Now 10 years old, he remembers this trip and talk about this often. Traveling in a Muslim country, we as Jews, did not feel out of place or fearful! We ate great foods, experience new insights and mingled with the people! From Kuala Lumpur, Penang to the beaches of Batu Feringghi! Alex (we) had a blast exploring this new world. I loved watching him soak up the culture and interested in the new foods.

The mornings were extra special. It was beautiful to hear the call to prayer in the calm and peace of the morning! Being a Jew in this country was an amazing experience, although is was hard to find "kosher food" Halal meat was plentiful along with fish and veggies! We ate plenty while Alex downed mound of watermelon and drank watermelon smoothie! I am surprised he did not poop out seeds!I loved this restaurant Wadi Hadramawt and always order the mullawah and hummus with hot tea! DELICIOUS!

If you every get a chance to travel to Malaysia, tour Penang, Kuala Lumpur! Bring your child and plenty of cash! Our money goes far!

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