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Hello, We Are MOMS GO2

MomsGo2 is an online blog, that curates the hottest trends, ideas in my motherhood journey. Moving to Atlanta and having my 1st child in 2010, I wanted to share my experiences in motherhood, travel and being a "married -single" mom at that time. Now don’t get me wrong, my then husband traveled extensively with CDC taking care of the world, one immunization at a time, while I cared for our son, took college course for my PhD, managed our rental properties. To then be seconded to WHO and our oversea adventures began. Came home, got divorced and went from surviving to thriving!


Nicole Wiesen is a native of sunny San Diego, CA and now resides in Atlanta for the past 12 years. Her background in Social Work, Child Protection and networking combined with her passion for helping people, provides her clients with the best possible outcomes to their daily challenges. Nicole's favorite place to be is in the kitchen, cooking delicious food and putting smiles on people's faces.  When she’s not working, Nicole spends her time with her son Alex.

Nicole Wiesen

Founder & CEO

Mom, Friend, Entrepreneur. Motherhood is a journey; one to do with friends!

Alex Wiesen


Gentle Spirit, Exuberant, fun loving young man!

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